Series 96

HRTL 96B, optimised for positioning tasks and reliable object detection

Featuring large detection ranges and background suppression, our 96B series universal laser light scanners are optimally designed for positioning tasks and reliable object detection, for example in the areas of compartment occupation check and shelf positioning. The scanner's switching behaviour is independent from the drive-in direction, and the integrated propagation time measurement of the radiated light enables this device to be used even under extreme environ- mental conditions such as gloss, light or obstacle contours. The light scanner impresses with very easy operation featuring visible red light, teachable switching points and a sophisticated diagnostic function. In addition, a time lock prevents inad- vertent changes to the switching points, and thus guarantees the maximum possible detec- tion reliability.

Universally applicable laser light scanner

  • Very simple operation: 2 (optionally 3) teachable switching points;
  • Time lock to prevent inadvertent switching point changes;
  • Universally applicable due to: Large scanning range 100 – 5,000 mm (6% diffuse reflection);
  • Fast response behaviour < 5 ms;
  • Resolution < 5 mm;
  • Repeatability < 1 mm.

Areas of application:

  • Position  detection Projection  monitoring Loading control;
  • Fill-level measurement Object detection;
  • Control of autonomous transport systems (e. g. DTS, telpher line);
  • Collision prevention.


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