Safe control components

A top system – from the relay to the controller

With the MSI safety relays and safety controllers, optoelectronic safety sensors, safety proximity sensors, safety switches and safety command devices can be optimally integrated in the safety circuit of the machine control. The devices ideally accommodate demands for compact sizes, high reliability and long life expectancy through their mechanical and electrical design. They thereby facilitate economical integration in your machines and systems. With all relays, the combination of innovative connection technologies (choose from either screw terminal or spring-cage terminal), compact and space-saving construction as well as well-structured housing design leads to a simple implementation of safety applications. Our compact MSI relays function as monitoring and integration devices for your safety switches, E-Stop command devices, two-hand operational controls, safety light curtains as well as single and multiple light beam safety devices. In addition, they make possible the start/restart interlock (RES) and contactor monitoring (EDM) functions. For small to medium-size machines, compact safety controls are used increasingly for monitoring the safety circuit. With their simple start-up, flexible configuration options and broad, on-board functionality, the MSI 100 and MSI 200 programmable safety controllers offer an optimum system solution.

An overview of the programmable safety controllers

Based on MSIsafesoft programming software, the MSI 100 and MSI 200 safety controllers facilitate the efficient integration, communication and coordination of a machine's safety sensors through the use of function modules and logic blocks. Advantageous for all applications is the simple extensibility through safe I/O modules and through communication modules for integrating in the fieldbus level.

MSI 100 - The stand-alone base module

In automated systems, sensors and actuators must interact with one another functionally and safely. The necessary coordination is performed by the MSI 100 programmable safety controller as a stand-alone base module. The controller monitors all safety functions, e.g. of E-Stop buttons, two-hand controls, protective doors as well as of safety light curtains and protective photoelectric sensors in machines and systems. A striking feature is the extremely compact, space-saving design: with an overall width of just 67.5 mm, the device makes available 20 safe inputs and 4 safe outputs. Additional test-pulse and ground-switching outputs increase the safety of the monitoring circuits. All diagnostic data can be accessed via the signal outputs of the device.

  • Freely configurable safety base module;
  • Monitoring of all safe functions in machines and systems Transfer of diagnostic data to the PLC via MSI-FB fieldbus modules (optional);
  • Free choice of connection system: screw terminal blocks or spring-cage terminal blocks; both can be pulled off and interchanged as desired.

MSI 200 - The modularly expandable base module.

Unlike the MSI 100 stand-alone base module, the MSI 200 safety controller facilitates the coupling of extension modules. With the MSI 200 safety controller, the number of inputs and outputs can be significantly increased through the use of the MSI-EM extension modules. As with the MSI 100, the MSI-FB fieldbus module can be connected for transferring diagnostic data to the PLC.

  • Like the MSI 100, but also;
  • Up to 10 MSI-EM-IO safe I/O extension modules can be connected, i.e. a maximum of 140 inputs or 100 inputs and 44 outputs can be realized;
  • Comfortable and fast extension or modular exchange of components via the TBUS DIN rail connection system.

The universal MSI-SR4

With up to 3 safety-related switching outputs (OSSDs), their signal output and the very short reaction time of just 10 ms, they provide a very good solution for hand and finger protection. Due to their very short reaction time, they can realize smaller distances between the optical safety sensors (AOPDs) and the point of operation. This results in a very compact machine design and, as a rule, a reduction in cost. All important status information is displayed for the user via 4 LEDs located on the front side of the housing. The device can be simply connected and quickly mounted.

The two-circuit MSI-SR5

Also just 22.5 mm wide, just as fast and suitable for two optoelectronic protective devices or safety switches, the MSI-SR5 relay ensures optimum integration in the machine control. All important status information is displayed for the user via 4 LEDs located on the front side of the housing. The device can be simply connected and quickly mounted.

The economical MSI-RM2

The MSI-RM2 relay is an affordable relay module for convert- ing electronic shut-off signals from safety sensors to poten- tial-free, contact-based signals. When using optical safety sensors (AOPDs) with integrated contactor monitoring, its switching behavior is monitored by the EDM function of the safety sensor. Thus, it is possible to forego additional monitoring electronics in the relay itself, resulting in extremely economical and compact safety solutions.

The adjustable MSI-DT

The MSI-DT safety relay with adjustable delay time can be used for E-Stop and protective door monitoring as well as for sensor (AOPD) monitoring and in safety circuits in accor- dance with DIN EN 60204-1/VDE 0113-1. The safety relay is equipped with two release current paths that release undelayed in accordance with stop category 0. Two addi- tional current release paths release with a delay in accor- dance with stop category 1. A connected reset button is monitored.

The tester MSI-T

MSI-T is a safety monitoring device for the periodic testing of "testable" optoelectronic protective devices. Up to 6  type 2 sensors can be connected to the MSI-T via a series connection. In addition to testable Leuze electronic type 2 single light beam safety devices, type 2 multiple light beam safety devices can also be connected to the relay.

The magnetic MSI-MC300

The MSI-MC300 safety relays are used for the evaluation of magnetically coded sensors and their integration in control circuits up to category 4 and Performance Level PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. Opening the protective devices triggers an E-Stop command. For protective devices that are accessible from behind, a reset button can be connected to the MSI-MC3x safety relays for manual starting.


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