Proximity sensors

Safety proximity sensors – Monitoring of guards in rough application cases

Safety Transponders and Magnetically Coded Sensors – contactless and reliable.

Leuze electronic offers reliable sensor series for the monitoring of guards which are perfect in rough, easily contaminated or humid environments and which, thanks to the closed construction in a high-strength plastic housing, also fulfill the highest demands on hygiene and robustness. Due to the large variety of models, you will quickly find the optimal solution for your individual task.

Magnetically Coded Sensors from the MC 300 series, supplemented by the MSI-MC300 safety Relays make the perfect safety systems. Special reed contacts detect the coded magnetic fields of the actuators without making contact. Due to the intelligent and extremely robust RFID technology, the Safety Transponders of the RD 800 series are well-suited for applications in
which a very high level of safety and increased Safety protection against manipulation is necessary – even with series connections. They are not sensitive to shocks and vibrations, magnetic fields and iron and always signal the exact state via four multicolor diagnostic LEDs. This considerably reduces time and effort for installation and testing.

RD 800 Safety Transponders

Three basic variants leave almost nothing to be desired concerning application conditions and protection against possible manipulation. They allow up to 32 Safety Transponders to be connected in series via the left- or right-sided M12-connection. This considerably minimizes the time and costs needed for installation – and the same high safety level is fulfilled.

No matter if you require the RD 800-S for single connections or the RD 800-M for multiple connections)– depending on the degree of risk, you can select ready-configured systems with standard or unique code detection(S- or U-variants). Teachable P-variants are a good choice if, for example increased flexibility is required on site. These can be flexibly and individually programmed for nearly any application.

MC 300 Magnetically Coded Sensors with MSI-MC310 and MSI-MC311 Safety Relays.

The cylindrical design as well as the cubic models create a selection of sensors which are well-suited to the respective application. The delivery contents always include the sensor and corresponding actuator as well as mounting screws. The MC 300 series is characterized by simple start-up, a compact housing and a low price.

MC310 and MC311 Safety Relays analyze the MC 300 sensors and forward the E-Stop command to the control when e.g. doors, flaps or hoods are opened. PDF-certified safety systems can only be built with these device combinations.

For guards that are accessible from behind, a reset button can be connected to the Safety Relay for manual starting.

  • Stop function;
  • Start / restart interlock (RES);
  • Contactor monitoring (EDM);
  • Up to and including category 4, Performance Level PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849.

Typical areas of application:

  • Under critical environmental conditions (dust, humidity, etc.);
  • Conveyor and storage systems, woodworking, pharmaceutical and food industries;
  • RD 800: increased security against tampering and detection reliability, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry.
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