Light curtains

VARIO - Switching light curtain for reliable object detection and area monitoring

Economical, flexible, compact installation

This system consists of transmitter and receiver creating a monitoring field out of numerous light beams and generates a reliable switching signal as soon as objects penetrate the monitoring field. Low cost installation, compact construction and the integrated evaluation unit make the VARIO a cost-effective and flexible sensor solution for your automation area.

Unbeatable advantages with VARIO:

  • Flexibility via wide range of:
    -Beam spacing: 5 mm to 100 mm;
    -Monitoring height: 35 mm to 3100 mm;
    -Modular setup: 8 to 64 beams;
  • Measurement distance of 700 mm to 5000 mm;
  • Parallel and diagonal beams for increased detection reliability;
  • Large range of adaptions to various applications via customer specific parametersetting (e.g. detec- tion mode, sensor sensitivity, signal definition) and compact design;
  • Highest level of operation reliability with integrated system control (warning signal), ambient light resistance and short circuit-proof wiring;
  • PNP and NPN outputs separately configurable:
    -Assignment of different monitoring areas on switching outputs;
    -Dust detection warning;
  • Factory-set or customer-set parametering;
  • Electronic calibration of the light grid optimizes object detection in every situation;
  • Very compact housing dimensions, resulting in flexible usage options (10 x 27 mm or 12 x 85 mm);
  • Minimum installation cost;
  • Adaptability to various applications with parametering via PC software (VARIOsoft).

Ideal areas of application:

  • Overhang monitoring for conveyor systems and object feed;
    For example: Large storage areas and painting systems;
  • Object/person control and counting;
    For example: Access controls, object counting in automated production systems;
  • Area monitoring;
    For example: In public transport, elevators, access areas;
  • Process controls in packaging systems;
    For example: Stacking controls, process controls with plastic wrap packaging systems.
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