Design high powered intelligent vector graphics and publish to the web via WPF or Silverlight

GraphWorX™64 is a rich HMI and SCADA data visualization tool. It allows users to build scalable, vector-based graphics that do not lose details when zoomed upon. Build intuitive graphics that depict real world locations and integrate TrendWorX64 viewers and AlarmWorX64 viewers to give a full picture of your operations

GraphWorX64 makes configuring all projects quick and easy. Users can reuse content through the GraphWorX64 Symbol Library, Galleries and Templates as well as configure default settings to allow objects to be drawn as carbon copies of each other without additional styling.

Create rich, immersive displays with three dimensions. Create a 3D world with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and get a true 360 degree view of your assets. Combine 2D and 3D features using WPF with annotations that move with 3D objects or create a 2D display that can overlay a 3D scene. Utilize the 2D vector graphics to create true to life depictions of your operations and view them over the web through WPF.

GraphWorX64 is at the core of the GENESIS64 Product Suite. Bring in content and information from all over GENESIS64 such as native data from SNMP or BACnet devices, AlarmWorX64 alarms and TrendWorX64 trends. Through a desire to have a consistent experience all of GENESIS64 takes advantage of the familiar ribbon menus found throughout integrated applications, such as Microsoft Office. 



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