Predictive Fault Detection and Diagnostics to continuously commission any equipment or asset

FDDWorX™ is a predictive equipment diagnostic solution that uses an advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) Engine to analyze all available information to detect and predict faults in equipment. It incorporates algorithms that weigh the probability of faults and advises management, operators and maintenance personnel of actions to prevent equipment failures or excessive use of energy.   

When equipment failures occur, advanced software technology analyzes current and historical information along with symptom/cause relationships that the system has been taught. It then executes probability algorithms and provides the user guidance with a list of probable causes sorted by probability. This immediate guidance reduces mean time to diagnose and repair, reduces equipment downtime, and lowers overall maintenance costs.

The Web-based Workbench offers FDDWorX users an easy setup and deployment process, integrating with the most popular BAS, SCADA, PLC, DAQ and other systems used to monitor equipment conditions. An extensive library of standard HVAC and process equipment diagnostic models speed setup and configuration, while a rules-based editor lets you easily customize and add new equipment diagnostic models.

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