Eco Panels

Тhe new ecoPanels enable completely new and attractive possibilities for mechanical and system engineers: efficient visualization at attractive prices: Manifold application possibilities. The ecoPanel series are not only distinguished by uncompromising reliability and performance, but impressive by an unsurpassed price-performance ratio. Of course, we also paid attention to durability and quality of the products. This is achieved amongst others by a special construction, which enables a fanless and disc free operation. This means there are no moving parts inside the unit.

The VIPA ecoPanels in combination with Movicon Basic (full-valued + unlimited Basic license) offers incomparable advantages. The software concentrates the powerful Movicon technology in a simplified form into an extremely user friendly editing environment. This enables a high scalability and a considerable increase in performance for every project.


  • Display size: 4,3”, 7”, 10", 15";
  • Type of display: TFT Color;
  • Processor: ARM11 533MHz+ / Cortex-A8 1000MHz;
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, RS422, MPI, PROFIBUS-DP slave, Ethernet RJ45, USB-A, USB-B (depending on type of panel);
  • Memory: already integrated, also with SD and USB-Stick expendable;
  • Including VIPA PLCTOOL: (allows upload/download of programms from VIPA- and Step7 based controls, reading of the diagnosis buffer, as well as start and stop of the connected CPUs without using a programming unit);
  • Including of the operating system Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Core and visualization system Movicon BASIC.

Visualization system Movicon:

  • Editor for vector graphics with powerful and attractive library of charactars;
  • Extensive I/O driver library (import of variables from the PLC possible);
  • Powerful alarm management;
  • Interference and operation data acquisition including evaluation possibility;
  • Archiving of process data with trend curves;
  • Extensive driver library;
  • Scalability of the project of basic systems to Movicon Scada platform;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Save and extensive user management;
  • Remote management for projecting and remote maintenance;
  • Remote access via standard VNC client possible;
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP networking;
  • Integrated AWL logic (STEP5/STEP7);
  • Also deployable in combination with many controllers of different manufacturers.
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