Inovative control system

Features known from the SPEED7 CPUs 300S Series have been incorporated into the SLIO CPUs. Thus, memory management with flexible memory adaptation via the Memory Configuration Card (MCC), known from the SPEED7 CPUs of the 300 series, is present again in the SLIO CPUs, but has been updated. The VSC (VIPASetCard) now allows for two hardware variants to generate a total of 24 CPU variants. Even in its basic configuration, without the optional VSC, both hardware variants already provide so much memory, that many of the common applications can run immediately. With the help of the VSC, the memory can be expanded and the PROFIBUS communication can be enabled in both basic CPUs. Only the SD card has to be plugged into the CPU of the selected hardware variant. Then the additional features can be used immediately with the first operation. The VSC can also be used like any other standard SD card for storage of program and data. Programming is realized in the SIMATIC world, familiar to most users, i.e. concretely with STEP 7 or TIA Portal from Siemens.

10 benefits that will make you choose VIPA SLIO CPU:

  1. Always integrated Ethernet PG/OP interface;
  2. PROFINET controller (always integrated only in the CPU 015) for up to 128 PROFINET users;
  3. Programmable via SIMATIC Manager, TIA Portal and SPEED7 Studio;
  4. Work memory expandable;
  5. Usage of SD cards with SD card locking;
  6. Changeable Power module (10A);
  7. Highspeed back plane bus with 48 Mbit/s;
  8. Up to 64 SLIO modules for one rack;
  9. MPI (always): PROFIBUS SLAVE (optional), PROFIBUS MASTER (optional);
  10. Аlways integrated: ASCII, STX/ETX, USS, 3964(R), MPI, MODBUS RTU.

 Technical specifications

  CPU 014 CPU 015 
Memory 64 kB 256 kB
Up to 192 kB 512 kB
Ethernet-PG/OP × ×
PB-Master optional optional
PB-Slavе optional optional
MPI × ×


3964(R), USS Master,

× ×
RJ45 Ports 1 2


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