Respond to problems quickly and efficiently through advanced alarm management and notification

AlarmWorX™64 is a distributed enterprise-wide alarm management system (OPC A+E) . Available in the standard GENESIS64 suite of applications, or as a stand-alone Open Series component, AlarmWorX64 offers the tools you need to deliver real-time alarm management throughout your system.

AlarmWorX64 Configurator

Based on the next generation for toolkits and part of the new GENESIS64 Unified Workbench the new AlarmWorX64 Configurator supports remote operations and is a thin-based client, allowing it to run inside Microsoft Internet Explorer. The configurator supports online configuration changes and implements Optimistic Concurrently when used in a multi-user enterprise environment.

AlarmWorX64 Viewer

View both real-time and historical alarms in the same OPC UA enabled Windows Presentation Foundation or Silverlight viewer. View from multiple data sources while adding new visualization features such as color translucent gradients for identifying key alarm conditions and improving operational response.

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