Absolute encoders

The singleturn and multiturn absolute rotary encoders, series WDGA, possess new, outstanding qualities thanks to their patented EnDra® technology:

  • Free of wear – no gears;
  • Environmentally friendly – no battery;
  • High energy efficiency – low power consumption;
  • Compact design.

With their high resolution of 14 bit singleturn and 14 bit + 40 bit multiturn, they are ideal for those applications, where high measuring accuracy as well as mechanical ruggedness is important. The interface provides the evaluation electronics with the complete position value, consisting of the combination of the singleturn position with the corresponding multiturn position based on the number of revolutions. The resolution of the singleturn position is
14 bit (16.384 steps per revolution). The multiturn can handle up to 40 bits, depending on requirements. Despite its extremely high resolution, the maintenance-free encoder has need of neither gears nor back-up battery. This guarantees a long service-life for the mechanics as well as helping protect the environment.

Quick in operation:

The WDGA absolute encoders are equipped with a two-colour LED (red/green). Thanks to the differentiated change in colour and the varying blinking frequencies of the LED, important status signalling can be read off directly. The WDGA absolute encoders can thus be integrated quickly and easily into the existing topology.

Operating principle of the EnDra® technology for the multiturn:

The Wachendorff WDGA encoders do not require mechanical gears to detect the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation. Instead the revolutions are determined by means of an energy wire (EnDra®): a permanent magnet accumulates in the wire so much energy that for a defined position the information “Revolution” and “Direction of Rotation” is transmitted to the evaluation electronics. An external energy feed, for example by means of a battery, is not required for this. The result is that this patented system is able to work fully autonomously.

Encoders are suitable for all applications, even those which are exposed to strong vibrations, aggressive detergents, harsh industrial environments. Thanks to its rich communication easily integrate into most systems - CANopen, CANopen LIFT, SSI, SAE, RS485, Profibus.

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