'The RSL 400 safety laser scanner from Leuze electronic wins the Industry Prize 2016'


The winner of the Safety Award 2016 wins gold again at the Industry Prize - in the category “Optical Technologies”

The new RSL 400 safety laser scanner from Leuze electronic has been assessed as a particularly advanced industry product by an independent jury of industry experts, professors and specialist journalists. In the category “Optical technologies” the RSL 400 safety laser scanner is among the TOP 3 finalists of the Industry Prize 2016. The final decision was made by the jury of experts and the RSL 400  has been honored with the title BEST OF INDUSTRY PRIZE 2016 TOP 1. 

The RSL 400 design is impressive from an economical, technological and environmental point of view: It is flexible and operates in such a way that the user only needs one device in many cases because its two independent protective functions allow it to operate like two individual safety laser scanners. The RSL 400 is powerful due to its large scanning angle of 270° in combination with its wide operating range of up to 8.25 m and makes reliable safeguarding possible even around corners. As a result, a second safety laser scanner is not needed in many cases. It is user-friendly and is easy to install because of its intelligent connection unit with integrated cable management.