'The new MICRO PLC – up to date, compact and fast'


Designed as a stand-alone PLC it stands out because of its modern design, its compact size, its high performance, and its high channel density. Thus the user receives a multiplicity of performance in a very small space and at a very attractive price.

The new „MICRO“ is extremely compact. With a width of less than 72 millimeters the VIPA MICRO PLC is up to 50% smaller than typical MICRO controllers.

In combination with this compactness the uniqueness of the new „MICRO“ is based on SPEED7 technology for the highest clock rates and fast program processing. With this, it makes fast processing possible, e.g. for precise positioning and diverse control tasks. Additional speed benefits allow a fast backplane bus transmission of 48 Mbit/s. With the CPU performance of a “large” CPU, the MICRO PLC is the fastest MICRO controller on the current controller market.


-           Stand-alone PLC

-           Up to date, pleasing, and functional design

-           Extremly compact construction size

-           Very high performance with SPEED7 technology

-           Fast backplane bus connection of 48 MBit/s

-           30 integrated I/Os on board:

-           16 digital inputs, 12 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs (0 – 10 V)

-           - Technology functions: 2x PWM, 4x counter 100kHz

-           CPU expandable up to max. 8 modules

-           Detachable connection plug with spring terminal and push-in technology

-           Optional Bluetooth communication for diagnosis & visualization

-           2-port Ethernet switch

-           Optional 2x RS485 module for MPI and PtP and optional PROFIBUS slave

-           64 up to 128 kByte remanent work memory and 128 kByte load memory

-           Full STEP7 compatible – supports IL, LAD, FBD, SCL and GRAPH7 Programmable with SPEED7 Studio, SIEMENS SIMATIC manager and SIEMENS TIA Portal

-           Very good price / performance ratio