'SLIO 017PN – More memory and performance in the control cabinet'


The new SLIO CPU 017PN is a further development of the SLIO CPU 015PN and provides a memory that is up to four times larger.  It is perfectly suitable therefore for comprehensive and demanding user programs.

Besides the memory expansion the 017PN distinguishes itself through twice and four times higher performance data, more communication connections, and a 25 to 50 percent higher CPU performance compared with the 015PN. With this the customer has the highest performance in the middle controller segment at his disposal.

An additional special feature is that a 2-port switch for PROFINET and for standard Ethernet is integrated in the 017PN as standard and as well as two RS485 interfaces which are for the optional use of PROFIBUS master / slave. In addition, the user can add up to 64 expansion modules to the new CPU and can select from nearly 100 modules. So there is a suitable module for each application.

Target application:

With its high performance and the larger memory the SLIO 017PN is particularly suitable for the deployment in machine and system constructions, in building technology, and serial machines with PROFINET and/or several Ethernet productive connections.