'SLIO 015N- the new VIPA CPU'


The existing CPU 015N is equipped with active EtherCAT as well as with the features PROFIBUS master/slave and can be projected via SPEED7 Studio, Simatic Manager (+EtherCAT manager) and TIA portal (no EtherCAT). 


The communication diversity! 

· EtherCAT master

· Activated Ethernet-CP with 8 productive connections (ModbusTCP...)

· DHCP support of PG/OP

· PROFIBUS master/slave via VSC

· PtP interface RS485 (MPI, ModbusRTU, ASCII, STX...)

 Technical data:

· Profibus master/slave via VSC

· PGOP 2Port switch

· Programmable with SPEED7 Studio, Simatic Manager and TIA-Portal (no EtherCAT)

· 2x RS485 interface: MPI, USS master, ASCII, ETX/STX, 3964R, Modbus master /slave

(optional PROFIBUS master/SLAVE)



· Controller for the deployment in machine and plant constructions and in serial constructions with EtherCAT and/or PROFIBUS and several Ethernet productive connections and PG/OP connections to HMIs etc.