'Our sensors make intralogistics processes quicker and simpler'



With new sensors Leuze electronic improves the efficiency of automatic stores. With these, processes are reliable and easy. The new products will be presented at the exhibition LogiMat in Stuttgart which starts on 02.10.2015.

Access guarding was never so simple and efficient!

The new RSL 400 safety laser scanner, with two autonomous protective functions, accomplishes two tasks at the same time in many applications.

This light-band detects everything – even the interruptions!

With its high-performance light-band, the RK 46C VarOS retro-reflective photoelectric sensor detects small and large objects, even with gaps, with the utmost reliability.

Much more than an "optical cable"!

DDLS 500 data transmission photoelectric sensor with 100 Mbit/s realtime transmission and integrated laser alignment aid, for easy and efficient practical usage.

Safety is not a question of size!

The single beam safety devices 46C are available both as type 2 and type 4 versions and are therefore also compliant with the more stringent standards as per EN 61496.

Think modular for volume measurement!

With its modularity, the LSC volume measurement system proves itself convincingly in nearly every application. The volumetric data are ascertained independent of the location and transmitted by means of Ethernet TCP/IP or PROFINET.

Everything is sharp with blue light!

With its blue laser diode, the BCL 600i bar code reader attains 50% greater depth of field and eliminates the need for expensive focus adjustment.