'New CLM8 series Intelligent Junction Boxes from LAUMAS'


LAUMAS constantly invests inthe development ofhighly innovative products. The CLM8 series is aclearand up-to-date response to the needs of installers, in terms of assistance, diagnostics and monitoring, allowing to manage efficiently any weighing system. 
The new CLM8 intelligent junction boxes series, provided with 8
indipendent reading channels for load cells, allow to have same benefits and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even using analog load cells. The CLM8 series has an Ethernet TCP/IP port (on request) to which connect for remote management via Internet by PC, smartphone or tablet, through accessing a website where display the weight value of the 8 weighing channels and manage the instrument operation. 

Among the most innovative features: 

  • Graphic display and four-key keypad.

  • Diagnostic functions of the current load distribution on each active channel with archive backups: storing, retrieving, printing.

  • Digital equalization: the instrument allows to equalize the connected load cells response in a fast and reliable over time avoiding use of junction boxes with trimmer.

  • Significant events archive (zeroing, calibration, equalization, alarms): storing, retrieving, printing.


Automatic diagnostics: Detailed diagnostics of each load cell (max 8).Instant anomalies report (also on the connected series W indicator display).  

Available versions:

  • IP67 polycarbonate box

  • IP67 ABS box

  • IP67 stainless steel box

  • Omega/DIN rail mounting version

  • board version only


  • EAC - complies with the Eurasian Customs Union standards (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan)

  • OIML R76:2006 (European Directive 2009/23/EC (NAWI)