'Measuring or switching – the choice is yours with the new distance sensors ODS10/HT10'


The measuring ODS 10 and the switching HT 10 are compact, optical distance sensors that reliably detect objects and measure distances with an operating range of up to eight meters and an accuracy of +/-30 mm. Depending on the model, a simple switching signal or a specific measurement value is transmitted to the machine control system.


Thanks to the modular design of the distance sensors, you can select exactly the function range that your application requires. Not only does this simplify installation, it also saves money.


-  Reliable detection of dark or light surfaces without needing to readjust 

   The new ODS 10 and HT 10 distance sensors are extremely tolerant to varying surfaces and detection angles

-  Easily operation and monitoring

   With the display on the top, large control buttons and LED status displays that are visible from a distance, handling and monitoring of the sensors is very straightforward and intuitive.

-  Suitable for applications where space is limited

   A very compact housing, the integrated recesses for the screws and flexible connections make the device easy to use even when space is tight.

-  Function selection according to the application

   Measuring or switching? The choice is yours. The modular range of functions that can be precisely tailored to your requirements offers you precise detection and easy operation at an attractive price.

-  Flexibility isn't a question of size or price

 White, high-gloss packages today, dark-grey plastic boxes tomorrow. Metal parts with varying position in the morning and organic wood surfaces after lunch.

 What often leads to problems and tedious readjustment with conventional distance sensors is no challenge for the new measuring ODS 10 or switching HT 10 distance sensors–over distances of up to eight meters.