'Leuze electronic and Microsoft cooperate for Industry 4.0'


Leuze electronic and Microsoft jointly develop a sensor solution with I4.0 capability which is based on the BCL 300i bar code reader and transfers the data directly to the Azure Cloud and back to the sensor.

Тhe Industry 4.0 capable Smart Sensor business solution is based on the compact, modular BCL 300i bar code reader from Leuze electronic. Its process data and metadata, e.g. the code type or the number of readings, can be transferred directly to the Microsoft Azure Cloud via the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) of the OPC-UA interface without an intermediate gateway. The data is recorded here by the IOT hub and made available to the Azure Cloud Services for analysis and visualization. The data in the Cloud can be visualized using an external device. On the other hand, direct control of the BCL 300i bar code reader is possible via the Azure Cloud Services as a special feature.